Due to the Coronavirus, there are some changes to our procedures. Here are some steps we've put in place to help you...


  • Please do not visit our centre if you have any symptoms mainly High Temperature/ fever, persistant cough, loss of taste or smell.
  • Unfortunately, there will not be any viewing facility until COVID-19 restrictions are eased.
  • WEAR A FACE COVERING IN RECEPTION, THE SWIMMING POOL WAITING AREA & ON THE WAY TO/ PREPARING FOR CLASSES. Wearing a mask in our gyms is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • BOOK and pay for all your activities by telephone if possible - we cannot guarantee a place if you just turn up.
  • Preferably PAY by CONTACTLESS CARD if you are paying at reception. CASH will only be taken as a last resort.

Please note: water fountains are currently out-of-use during COVID-19 restrictions.


  • ARRIVE "BEACH READY" with your costume on having showered at home. Have only your essentials with you - pack light.
  • QUEUE outside until your allocated timeslot - to the right of the centre's reception doors (yellow distancing lines).
  • On entering the building check in at reception pick up your band and (follow the floor arrows and signage washing your hands at the sanitizing stations) pause to see if there is a clear passage to the SWIMMING CHANGE WAITING AREA in the LOUNGE.
  • A member of staff will direct you towards the NEWLY CONSTRUCTED CHANGING CUBICLES just off the lounge.
  • Collect a PLASTIC BASKET for your clothes on the way in.
  • Change as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE to free up these new limited cubicles.
  • Carry your basket to the poolside where you will be able to await your session on the ramp or in the Splash Zone area.
  • Once the previous session is clear, place your basket on one of the numbered plastic blue chairs. Competent swimmers please enter and exit the pool at the deep end and non-swimmers and the more vulnerable at the shallow end.
  • At the end of the session, head for the shower area, shower and get changed in our usual changing rooms leaving the PLASTIC BASKETS in front of main lockers ready for cleaning. Drop your swimming band in bucket on the way out.