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Are you a regular Dalton Leisure Centre user? Then save some money with our regular user cards
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Regular Users Discount Card

The regular users discount card is a great way of saving money at Dalton Leisure Centre. The regular user card is available to everyone and enables you to have a reduced cost on all the services on offer at the Leisure Centre including: swimming, gymnasium use and aerobics.(£25 per annum/£20 per annum concessions) 

A full Regular User card also includes a discounted squash price as well as booking privileges(£35 per annum).


Upgrade to a Gold or Platinum Card

Gold Card (£25 per month or concession rate of £20)

The gold card enables free access to gyms during off-peak times (7am - 5pm weekdays and all weekend). It also enables free booked fitness classes and free swimming during off-peak times. Also included are three off-peak half squash courts per week (non cumulative).

Platinum Card (£30 per month or concession rate of £25)

The platinum card entitles free access to gyms during the Leisure Centre's opening hours.It also allows unlimited fitness classes if booked and free swimming and waterobics subject to availability. Also included three peak half squash courts per week (non cumulative).


Attention all full time students !

Exercise your body aswell as your mind with our GREAT NEW OFFER - the Platinum Card for £25.00 a month up front, start any day with no contracts, no joining fee, plus a free induction.

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  • The gold and platinum cards are only available to Regular User Card Holders(£25 per annum £20 concessions - this is an annual fee but which is only charged as a one off fee for Gold and Platinum card holders).
  • All card holders must also have a gym induction before using the gyms.
  • The card is non-transferable.
  • Cards are only issued when confirmation of your standing order is received. If your standing order is cancelled for whatever reason you will lose your entitlements.

  • The Leisure Centre timetable is subject to change without prior warning.
  • The Gold and Platinum Card charges are paid by standing order and it is the customers' responsibility to cancel this if they decide to cancel the card.
  • It is also the responsibility of the customer to inform the centre if they become eligible for a senior citizens concession as this cannot be backdated to a birthday (i.e. when they turned 60)